Car Park

Car Park

Team Structure


The oversight will host a briefing before and after the service and is responsible for allocating each volunteer to their positions and roles. Once in position the oversight will communicate all information to the volunteers, through radios. Special focus is given to ensuring that traffic flow is running smoothly, and there is no traffic jammed at any entrance or exit.


A volunteer team will be placed on exits; the number of volunteers per exit and entry will depend on the total number of volunteers. All volunteers will use radios and communicate the flow to the entire team.

Volunteers are required to wear high visibility vests when they're serving. The vests are provided by church.


Team Member Role

Oversight positions volunteers at each entrance/exit

Oversights need to position volunteers at each entrance to ensure that all traffic is distributed equally among the car placements. Distribution of volunteers assures that every car will be welcomed.

Greetings and send off

The car park volunteers are the first impression of what visitors can expect of our church. It is important to make sure that visitors are welcomed with a smile and a wave to create a warm and welcoming environment.

Directing both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, regulating and conducting consistent flow

The team ensure that there is a consistent flow of traffic while keeping pedestrians and cars safe from accidents.

They need to be aware of the situational circumstance that may occur, ensuring that entering and exiting are done in an efficient rate, while making sure that pedestrians are safely conducted to their cars and inside the venue.


The cars are to be counted every so often, counting by cars per minute.The information will in turn be relayed to the Logistics team which consecutively may prepare the venue for the expected capacity.

Understanding the capacity and fullness of the parking lot by splitting it to sections. The oversights need to inform the volunteers where to send the flow when the capacity of their designated area is reached.

When the capacity of the whole carpark is reached, volunteers must know how to direct guests on off-site parking locations.

When the parking is directed off-site, the host-oversights need to know how the continuing flow may be altered.


Team Member Skill Set


Being kind and pleasant creates a welcoming presence for guests as they enter the premises.


We want to create an enthusiastic culture, in this way visitors will know that we are excited to receive them as they encounter Church.

High awareness

Volunteers need to be aware of all circumstances, guaranteeing the safety of every individual.


They need to be assertive in nature to control traffic in a confident and secure manner. People need clear guidance to avoid confusion and misinterpretation of the directions.

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