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We have a Concierge Team at our services in order to extend the "Welcome Home" experience for anyone visiting or new to church.

There is a Concierge form available online that visitors are welcome to complete prior to attending. The form responses are sent through to one of the Pastors at the location they are planning to attend, who then get in touch to confirm which service they will be at and let them know a time and place in the foyer they can meet on arrival.

Having this contact in advance means often on arrival, people can ask for the team member they spoke with by name, helping make the welcome process as smooth and easy as possible. 

Our Concierge Team are responsible for:

  • Greeting and welcome those visiting at our location (either at the Concierge stand or on our church buses on the way from location stations).
  • Taking note of their details (if not already completed on the form) on the Concierge iPad. Often if there is a large group visiting our MC may acknowledge them to give them a big warm welcome during the service.
  • Reserving seats for those they are hosting, especially if they are large groups such as sporting teams, church ministry groups or schools.
  • Escorting visitors to their seats in the Concierge area of the auditorium and pointing out location of bathrooms, kids ministry, parenting rooms, etc.
  • Completing a tour of the Campus or location if requested.
  • Taking visitors to the Welcome Lounge following the service for further connection, introducing them to others from their age group, helping them get connected into a connect group if they would like.

Here is an example of our Hillsong Concierge form messaging:

We’d love to look after you at one of our services, to help you feel at home. Look out for the Concierge sign as you walk in the main doors.

We’ll show you around, introduce you to some new friends and organise seats for you.

Fill out your details & when you arrive at church meet our team at the Concierge information desk in our main foyer.

Our Concierge Team work with the following service areas:

  • Events Team - to help organise the reserved seating area
  • Bus Hosts - for visitors arriving on our buses
  • Welcome Lounge Team - for connection following the service

Concierge Team practical elements:

  • Concierge iPad to collect visitor details
  • Concierge lanyards that team can wear to be easily identifiable in the foyer
  • Concierge signage to help locate the Concierge stand in the foyer. 
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