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Crew Gathering

Crew Gathering

The heart behind the Crew gathering is to have a central place prior to the service for the volunteers from every team to briefly gather, have some light-hearted fun, impart vision, build atmosphere and pray for the service together.

Although Crew is intended for volunteers, it is also an open invitation to anyone who is looking to get more involved or connected within the community.

The foyer (or a central location volunteers can easily access before the service)

45 minutes before each service

5-10 minutes

Run By:
Service Pastors or key Pastoral team


A typical Crew Gathering could involve...

Welcoming and setting the tone

E.g. doing some fun stretches to get everyone warmed up, having everyone meet another volunteer they’ve never chatted to before, if there has been a recent kids or youth event one of the team could share a great story.

Sharing an encouraging leadership thought to empower and impart vision into the team

This is often tailored to what is happening in church life at the time such as Vision Sunday, Father's Day, etc.

Equipping volunteers with practical tools for the service 

E.g. pointing out the oversights of different areas to the entire volunteer team so that if they meet someone who is visiting for the first time they know who to introduce them to.

Highlighting any key info such as upcoming baptisms, Heart & Soul nights etc.

E.g. getting different volunteers up to share about various things - if there is an upcoming CityCare initiative having the CityCare oversight share any key info that is helpful for all volunteers to know. 

Honouring volunteers

E.g. if there are any birthdays, anniversaries, promotions at work, announcements, great news to share.

Pray together for the service

Sometimes this could be getting a key volunteer up to lead the prayer, or could potentially split into groups of 2-3.

End on a high note!

E.g. do an all-in hands


What does a Crew gathering look like in context of Online Church?

An online Crew gathering has two main objectives; to build community and the identity of a service. Online Crew gatherings differ in a few practical elements...

Location and duration

Online Crew Gatherings are usually hosted on a platform like Zoom with a duration of up to 20 minutes. The 20 minutes could involve...

5 minutes:
Welcoming and fun, celebrating people, sharing good stories, Youth Pastors hosting a game.

5 - 10 minutes:
One of the pastoral team sharing an encouraging leadership though.

5 minutes:
Zoom breakout rooms of 3-5 people, with a purpose to have a 'foyer' conversation, offering the service community a chance to chat like they normally would in a church foyer.

Campus Pastors pray and bless everyone.


More than just volunteers

In addition to being a gathering point for volunteers, online Crew Gatherings are also open to anyone and everyone from the service community, functioning as a 'foyer' would within a church building before a service. 

This is a great way to build each specific service community online and a chance for everyone to see each other as they would before a service. It becomes a touch point for team to connect with the service community and Campus Pastors are often present.

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