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The Twelve Powers of Christmas #2

Celebration, Colour, and Commemoration

Celebration, Colour, and Commemoration

In these short series of thoughts, I am continuing to look at the power and potential of the Christmas season.

Every year, at our church, a few people criticize our Christmas celebrations. They say things like, "How can you sing ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ in a church service, or ‘Why do you have a pagan Christmas tree on your property”?

Of course, I agree that the true meaning of Christmas is often hijacked by commercialization, but will the removal of the coloured lights serve the purpose of the church, which is to communicate Christ to the world?

Surely, it is better to use our celebrations to attract the community. Each year thousands come to our Christmas spectacular and hundreds more bring their children to see our Christmas decorations.

When we sing ‘…Joy to the world…’, we want the visitors, many of whom never normally go to church, to experience something of the joy that our message and fellowship brings – something of the wonder of why we are singing, ‘…The Lord has come…’

Have you considered the power of celebration?

Have you considered the purpose of colour?

Have you considered how best to commemorate the extraordinary event of the incarnation?


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