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Reach & Influence (Preaching and Teaching Course)

Reach & Influence (Preaching and Teaching Course)

Learn to deliver sermons that reach people where they are and influence them to be all that God has called them to be. Explore 9 topics essential to preach Christ-centered, Bible-based messages integral to building a healthy church and changing lives through Christ.


  • 9 key topics
  • 9+ hours of training
  • 53 audio & video recordings
  • This course is delivered in English
  • MP4 and MP3 files
  • 42 GB (Video), 1GB (Audio)
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          • Anointed Preaching

            • Understand the role the anointing plays for preacher & receiver.
            • Operate in your gifting despite your everyday flaws & failings.
          • Biblical Preaching

            • Bridging the gap between original context & today’s application.
            • The five pillars that ensure your preaching is Biblically grounded.
          • Relevant Preaching

            • Keys to communicating to any group, culture & demographic.
            • Using research to help you understand a post-modern audience.
          • Pastoral Preaching

            • The power of your tone to either condemn or draw people near.
            • Messages that include everyone no matter their circumstances.
          • Authentic Preaching

            • Unleash your unique story that anyone can relate to.
            • Find authority & perspective in sharing your personal journey.
          • Faith-filled Preaching

            • Engage people living ordinary lives to trust in a supernatural God.
            • Reach where people are currently at with a message of victory.
          • Memorable Preaching

            • Extend your listeners’ attention with proven memory devices.
            • The critical ingredients to crafting stories that challenge & inspire.
          • Applicable Preaching

            • Four questions to ask to ensure your theology is applicable.
            • Power of asking pertinent questions that inspire solutions.
          • Transformational Preaching

            • Balancing the instantaneous & lifelong journey of transformation
            • Develop receptivity in your listeners to both hear & be changed
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          • Flexible Learning

            Watch each unit or segments in any preferred order. It's completely up to you. The course is suitable for personal and team training.

          • 4 Segments per Unit

            The course is delivered in 9 units. Each unit takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

          • Lecture Overview

            A concise teaching covering the most critical aspects you need to understand from each topic.

          • Couch Conversation

            A candid discussion from the team revealing how each topic shapes their own preaching.

          • 'How To' Instructions

            Clear and practical, step-by-step training from Robert Fergusson, delivered in just five minutes.

          • Facilitation Questions

            Digest the topic content as you go with these poignant questions for contemplation or discussion.

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