REACH people where they are & INFLUENCE them to be all that God has called them to be.

  • 9 Essential Topics

    Explore 9 topics essential to preach Christ-centered, Bible-based messages integral to building a healthy church and changing lives through Christ.

  • 9+ Hours of Training

    9 Lectures, 18 Couch Conversations, and 26 'How To' trainings. A total of 53 recordings rich with insights, application, and challenge questions. Suitable for individual and team training.

  • Flexible Learning

    Watch each unit or segments in any preferred order. It's completely up to you. The course is suitable for personal and team training.

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The holy mandate on you as a preacher is to both ‘reach’ and to ‘influence’.

  • 4 segments per unit

    The course is delivered in 9 units. Each unit takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

  • Lecture Overview

    A concise teaching covering the most critical aspects from each topic.

  • Couch Conversation

    A candid discussion from our team revealing how each topic shapes their own preaching.

  • 'How To'

    Clear and practical, step-by-step training from Robert Fergusson.

  • Questions

    Digest the topic content as you go with these poignant questions for contemplation or discussion.

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  • Anointed Preaching

    • Understand the role the anointing plays for preacher and receiver.
    • Operate in your gifting despite your everyday flaws and failings.
  • Biblical Preaching

    • Bridging the gap between original context and today’s application.
    • The five pillars that ensure your preaching is Biblically grounded.
  • Relevant Preaching

    • Keys to communicating to any group, culture and demographic.
    • Using research to help you understand a post-modern audience.
  • Pastoral Preaching

    • The power of your tone to either condemn or draw people near.
    • Messages that include everyone, no matter their circumstances.
  • Authentic Preaching

    • Unleash your unique story that anyone can relate to.
    • Find authority and perspective in sharing your personal journey.
  • Faith-filled Preaching

    • Engage people living ordinary lives to trust in a supernatural God.
    • Reach where people are currently at with a message of victory.
  • Memorable Preaching

    • Extend your listeners’ attention with proven memory devices.
    • The critical ingredients to crafting stories that challenge & inspire.
  • Applicable Preaching

    • Four questions to ask to ensure your theology is applicable.
    • Power of asking pertinent questions that inspire solutions.
  • Transformational Preaching

    • Balancing the instantaneous & lifelong journey of transformation.
    • Develop receptivity in your listeners to both hear and be changed.
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  • Robert Fergusson

    Robert Fergusson is one of the key team at Hillsong Church, where he has been on staff for over 30 years. He is passionate about imparting practical life principles from the Bible and his primary responsibilities involve pastoral oversight and preaching and teaching. Robert is married to Amanda; they have three married children and currently seven grandchildren.

    Read Robert's Preaching Tips 
  • Donna Crouch

    For over 35 years, Donna has held a ministerial position within Hillsong Church. Over the years Donna has worked extensively with young people, in community development and on a national engagement level in the not-for-profit sector as well as speaking locally, nationally and internationally.

    Donna’s current role as an Executive Pastor and with National Community Engagement and Partnerships has allowed her to build relationship with many NGO and faith-based organisations in order to see the like-minded visions of churches and social causes work together for the betterment of others

    Donna has a passion to see lives transformed through the truth of the Gospel. Donna is married to Stephen and together they have three amazing children.

  • Lee Burns

    Lee was born and raised on the coast of Newcastle Australia. After completing high school he began a carpentry apprenticeship. Lee worked in carpentry for 6 years; during this time became a Christian. In 1997 began studying at Hillsong International Leadership College, graduating with a Diploma in Ministry. Lee has also holds a Bachelor of Theology, Master of Theology and is working towards his PhD. Lee and his wife Cherie began working as pastors in the New Peoples ministry of Hillsong Church in 1999. In 2003 Lee joined the staff of Hillsong International Leadership College as the Dean of Students. In 2014 Lee became and is currently the Executive Vice President of Hillsong College.

  • Chrishan Jeyaratnam

    Chrishan, and his much better half Danielle, are the Lead Pastors at Hillsong East Coast, USA, with locations in New York City, New Jersey and Boston. Chrishan has grown up in Hillsong Church since he was around seven and Danielle since her senior years in high school. They have four beautiful, cheeky and headstrong daughters, and as a family are committed to loving God and people, and living the adventure that it is to build His Church.

  • Cass Langton

    Cassandra is a dynamic and inspiring communicator and speaker, passionate about pursuing Christ and using every creative medium to reflect God’s beauty and to tell the Jesus-story to a world desperate in need. Her commitment to building the local church is strengthened by her commitment and love for her family — her husband Rich and two kids, Lilli and Tom.

  • Scott 'Sanga' Samways

    Being an integral part of the Hillsong team for over twenty years Sanga has seen thousands of people come to Christ around the Globe. After graduating Hillsong College he took on the role of Senior High Youth Pastor at Hillsong’s Hills Campus, before moving in 2013 with his wife, Klementina, to oversee our Newcastle Campus in Australia. Sanga is a truely unique communicator, who delivers the powerful message of Jesus in a relatable and engaging way, while his ability to unpack scripture coupled with his own personal testimony provide an intense insight into the heart of God.

  • Angela Bachtle

    Principal of Hillsong College – Sydney Hills Campus. My role is to make sure that staff are inspired to lead our student body as well as ensuring our students have a world class experience. One of the joys of my life is watching a student come to college and see them develop and grow into a leader who is confident, skilled and highly capable. I am always inspired by the people who come to our college from all over the world. They build incredible friendships that last a lifetime, develop personal leadership skills by being involved in training environments and practical hands on experience in church life. Students learn and practice how to effectively lead others as well as finding their purpose.  Our desire is that they would fall in love with Jesus and His glorious Church.

  • Brenden Brown

    Brenden together with his wife Jacqui are the Campus Pastors of our San Francisco Campus at Hillsong Church in the USA. Previously, Brenden & Jacqui were leading our Sydney Inner West location at Hillsong Church in the Inner West of Sydney, Australia. They have been involved with young adult’s ministry & were service Pastors of our Hills Campus for many years since Brenden got radically saved in his mid-twenties from a crazy lifestyle of running nightclubs and working in the fashion industry. Before moving countries they were District leaders of The Sydney Central region of the ACC (Australian Christian Churches) denomination and Brenden was the Sports Chaplain of the Wests Tigers NRL Club.

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