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Краса, де був попіл

Краса, де був попіл

  • Хіллсонг
  • Ukrainian
  • Hillsong Music & Resources LLC
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"Hello everyone from sunny and beautiful Kyiv!" That was the introduction to the handover of the Ukrainian recording of Broken Into Beautiful. From the beginning of the invasion, the team from Hillsong Ukraine were translating songs into Ukrainian, as there are very few songs of worship in their native language - songs are often translated in bomb shelters or hallways for safety. Over the previous four weeks, amid war and unspeakable tragedy, this song was translated and recorded in а makeshift bedroom-turned-studio in Ukraine. While many of the team fled to Lviv in western Ukraine, others on the team still in Kyiv. were able to get one of the microphones from the studio via a humanitarian convoy to the team in Lviv. At the same time, the church's studio in Kyiv continued to operate despite the bombing of the city. Volunteers continued to come and record their voices to make songs in Ukrainian available for people as quickly as possible.

As worship leader, Alina, explains, "We believe that this song proclaims a prophecy over our land... While we are lifting up praise to our God in the face of ashes and ruins, God is beginning to heal and restore our lives, our cities, our homes and our nation. We pray that the words of this song become your declaration this season because our God is faithful – He has always been faithful."

UNITED's Joel Houston poignantly stated, "Worship is not reserved for the mountaintops. Worship is our response in the trenches. Worship is our response in the valley. Worship is our response when we're going through the fire or the storm. Worship is our response when there's nothing left to hang on to.

This is the very reason these songs have been translated and recorded to give the beautiful people of Ukraine songs in their own tongue to declare God's faithfulness and goodness as they are confronted with the realities of war.

There is power in worshipping God and declaring His goodness when everything in your life has been shaken.

Regardless of the season or circumstances you are facing, this is a powerful reminder that our response in every season is to worship Him with faith for a hope-filled future.

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  • Tracklist

    • Краса, де був попіл – Broken Into Beautiful
    • Сила Імені Христа – That's The Power
    • Свіжий вітер – Fresh Wind
    • Дякуєм Тобі – Give Thanks
    • Надія для людства – Hope Of The Ages
    • Не самотній більше я – Never Walk Alone
    • Був Богом завжди – Always Been God
    • Таємна кімната – Secret Place
    • Все Йому – All To Him