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BiG Psalms, Proverbs & Parables Curriculum

BiG Psalms, Proverbs & Parables Curriculum

9 lessons

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About BiG Psalms, Proverbs & Parables Curriculum

BiG Psalms, Proverbs & Parables Curriculum is part of BiG Season 2, targeted at distinct worship experiences & age groups:

  • Junior (1-6 Yrs)
  • Primary (7-12 Yrs)

About Hillsong Kids BiG


We want children to lead big expansive lives, grow up to be big people that lead and influence in every area of their big lives. Believing in a big God and making a big difference.

Hillsong Kids BIG is a large group/small group Children’s Ministry Curriculum. Whether your children’s ministry is 10, 100 or 1000, Hillsong Kids BIG will assist you in providing a fun and dynamic children’s ministry experience. The goal is to present Christ centred, Bible-based teaching that is relevant to practical living to empower children to lead and impact in every sphere of life.


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          • Psalms

            BiG Word
            Psalm 111:10

            BiG Points
            - Praise God with a thankful heart
            - In troubled times my hope is in God
            - We have victory in Jesus name

          • Proverbs

            BiG Word
            Proverbs 3:5-6

            BiG Points
            - We are wise to ask God for wisdom
            - We are wise when we build great friendships
            - We are wise when we know the power of our words

          • Parables

            BiG Word
            1 John 5:20a

            BiG Points
            - God’s wisdom is the foundation for our lives
            - I belong to the Kingdom of God
            - I have been found by God

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          • Media

            • Interactive teaching (BiG Message) videos with animated Bible story (BiG Story) and live preaching segment
            • Quiz videos
            • High-retention Bible memory verse (BiG Word) music videos
            • Praise & Worship lyric videos (includes backing & click tracks)
            • Theme screen videos
            • Screen graphics
            • Social media assets

          • Service Elements

            • Pre-service countdown (pre-roll) video
            • Ministry Time video loop
            • Game Time video loop
            • Tidy Up Song video
            • Wash Our Hands video
            • Birthday Song video
            • Alligator Goodbye video

          • Print Material

            • Age-specific small group studies & activity sheets for each lesson
            • Devotionals (Pre-Teen Bible Study)
            • BiG Word cards
            • Posters & Banners
            • Colouring Pages
            • Games
            • Crafts
            • Thank God & Ask God cards
            • Certificates
            • Stickers
            • Sheet Music & Lyrics
            • User Guides
            • Learning Outcomes
          • Online/Download Access

            • Hillsong Kids Leadership Training Videos

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          • Program Length
            9 lessons

            Ministry Group

            • Junior (1-6 Yrs)
            • Primary (7-12 Yrs)

          • Season


          • Digital Download File Types

            Release Year

            Hillsong Music & Resources LLC

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