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A New Beginning #1

A New Chapter

A New Chapter

When we approach a new year, with all its possibilities and uncertainties, we often make resolutions to start afresh. But we then discover that the 1st of January is much like the day before. Nothing has changed. We are the same flawed people.

So, what I tend to do is to think of the new year as a new chapter in a book. My story continues but with a slightly new direction and possibly a few new characters.

As I turn the page, I might not immediately read the next chapter. I might make myself a cup of coffee and think about what I have just read – what has happened so far.

A new chapter gives me time to reflect – time to take stock. But I have another reason for comparing the new year with a new chapter.

I tend to read a few different books at a time, maybe a biography, a commentary, and a novel. When I finish a chapter in one book, I start a new chapter in the next. Now, it’s not just a new chapter, it’s a different genre of writing. It’s like finishing Song of Songs and starting Isaiah. Suddenly, everything shifts in my thinking.

So, for me, a new chapter isn’t just a simple progression in the same story, but a perfect opportunity to pause for thought - and then change my mindset.

With that in mind, I hope that this new year is a wonderful new chapter in your life.


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