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Divine Questions #7

Can these bones live?

Can these bones live?

In this series, I have suggested that God asks questions for our sake, and not His. If He is going to work with flawed people like you and me, He wants to ensure that we are on the same page as Him.

He asked Jeremiah, for instance, “What do you see”? The question challenged Jeremiah to repent of his sin, reaffirm the divine promises and reconfirm his commitment to God – to think, speak and act.

He follows the same methodology with the prophet Ezekiel. He takes him to a valley of dry bones, which represents the parlous condition of the people of God, and then asks the question, “Can these bones live”? Ezekiel’s answer suggested he was unsure. He seemed to hedge his bets when he replied, “O Sovereign Lord, you alone know” (Ezekiel 37:3).

I wonder what I would have said in his position. Would I have believed that God could turn a graveyard into a living army, or that God’s word and Spirit were sufficient to turn despair into hope, or that I could be involved in the restoration? O Sovereign Lord, you alone know.

What about you? What about today?

Can you believe that God is raising up a vast army of Spirit-filled believers?

Can you believe that God’s word in your mouth can bring life to dead communities?

Can you believe that you can be involved in a wave of revival?


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