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Divine Questions #12

Do you still not understand?

Do you still not understand?

Let me describe the scene. Jesus is in a boat with His disciples where He is attempting to explain ‘the yeast of the Pharisees’ to them. They, of course, misunderstand. They think He is talking about the bread which they have failed to bring.

Jesus is amazed at their lack of spiritual perception. He tells them He is not talking about natural bread and reminds them that He has the ability to provide basketfuls. They still don’t know what He is talking about.

So, He asks the question, “…Do you still not understand…” (Mark 8:21)? It is a classic teacher’s question. I have asked its equivalent on many occasions.

Of course, we can’t judge the tone of His voice, but I suspect He was slightly frustrated with the disciples. But would we have been any different if we had been in the boat that day? I doubt it.

Even now, after years of following Jesus I still often fail to discern what Jesus is saying or doing. Am I still too concerned about own needs?

Am I still distracted by the practical necessities of life?

Am I still too focussed on the temporal realm?

Am I still not remembering what He has done?

Am I still not listening to my spirit?

What about you? Do you understand?


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