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Unpublished Appendix from 'Are You Getting This?' #3

I Can; I Can't; I Can – Ability; inability; Ability

I Can; I Can't; I Can – Ability; inability; Ability

The leadership journey of Moses can be summarised in three, forty-year episodes.

In the first, he thinks he can change the world; in the second, he realizes that he can’t; and in the third, he does.

The same necessary stages can be seen in the life of Joseph.

Initially, he boasted about his ability to interpret dreams (Genesis 37:5), then, after being imprisoned, he admits his inability (Genesis 41:16). Finally, after learning to give glory to God, he is enabled to use his gift appropriately (Genesis 31:38-39).

Ability; inability; ability.

Sadly, many of us fail to progress from the first stage. Others of us attempt to avoid the second stage because we don’t understand the need for difficulty.

But the way we handle this second stage will determine the outcome of our story.

Joseph came to recognize that the challenges in the middle of his story were part of the larger purpose of God (Genesis 50:19).

Are we prepared to abandon the arrogance of youth?

Are we able to embrace trouble as a necessary part of our growth?

Do we trust God to fulfill His plan for our lives?


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