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Jesus And #2

Jesus and... Partnership

Jesus and... Partnership

In my view, the Trinity is impossible either to define or to describe, although many have attempted to do so.

Basil of Caesarea exclaimed that God, “…is incomprehensible in greatness…”.

How can creatures define their Creator? How can fallen and flawed people, like me and you, dare speak about Him at all?

The theologian, Karl Barth, described a preacher’s dilemma when he wrote, “As ministers we ought to speak of God. We are human, however, and so we cannot speak of God”.

Nonetheless, at the heart of our limited understanding of the Trinity is a glorious partnership. A union which is reflected in marriage, and a unity which finds an expression in the fellowship of the church.

In my new book, ‘Jesus and…’ - ‘How God works through ordinary people’ (which should be available very soon), I have attempted to describe an equally impossible partnership to define: the partnership between God and people.

Why God chooses to work in us and through us is beyond my comprehension – and yet He does. This is one of the great mysteries of ministry. God can and does choose to use you and me.

Are we aware of the magnitude of the privilege?

Are we conscious of the enormity of the trust which He places in us?

Are we good stewards of that trust?


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