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Jesus And #1

Jesus and... People

Jesus and... People

Jesus encapsulated the Law and the Prophets into two commands: love God and love your neighbour. It was a masterful summary.

The Old Testament is about God and the people of Israel. The New Testament is about God and the people of the church. God and people. Jesus and people.

It’s a strange combination between the Creator and the created, the eternal and the temporal, the perfect and the flawed.

It is this strange combination which is at the heart of my upcoming book: ‘Jesus and…’ - ‘How God works through ordinary people’.

Notice, I have not written about Jesus and leadership, Jesus and worship, or Jesus and technology – all of which would be interesting topics – I have written about Jesus and people.

Something profound happens when God and people get together. That’s why we pray to God. That’s why we gather with other people.

A life without prayer is not Christianity. A life without community is not Christianity.

As Bonhoeffer writes in his book, ‘Life Together’, “…Christianity means community through Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ…” Jesus and you. Jesus and you and me.

Do we pray as people who need God?

Do we gather as people who need each other?


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