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Jesus And #4

Jesus and... Peter

Jesus and... Peter

If I were choosing a new leader for the church, I probably wouldn’t choose Peter.

If I were appointing a shepherd for vulnerable sheep, I almost certainly wouldn’t trust Peter.

If I were sending an emissary to pioneer a new mission, I seriously doubt that I would send Peter. After all, Peter proved himself to be disloyal, untrustworthy, and reluctant.

We live in a world that is quick to cancel people, distrust them and right them off, and I am as guilty as anyone else. But, thankfully, it’s not up to me.

Jesus is building His church and He loves to choose broken people and restore them. He loves to grace unqualified people and use them. I know because I am one of them.

In my new book ‘Jesus and…’ - ‘How God works through ordinary people’ (which was on sale at our conference and will be on general release soon) I talk about some ordinary people through whom God tells His story.

People like Peter (although he is not one of the characters I wrote about); people with whom He has chosen to partner in order to fulfill His purpose; people like you and me, who don’t deserve an inclusion in His plan.

Do you treat others with the same grace as Jesus has treated you?

Do you trust others with the same love with which Jesus has loved you?

Do you turn to others with the same belief as Jesus does with you?


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