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Unpublished Appendix from 'Are You Getting This?' #7

Omega House

Omega House

In my book, I equate the delivery of a sermon with a guided tour of an historic home or a museum. I call the image ‘Omega House’.

It has an introductory entrance, three rooms and a conclusory exit, and it contains the elements of anticipation, apokalypsis (or revelation), and application.

The journey of the message is in the shape of the Greek letter ‘omega’ – representing Christ. However, this simple model can also be used in the preparation of the sermon – the exegesis of the text.

This house also has an entrance, three rooms and an exit. But this time, it contains the elements of deliberation, discovery, and delivery.

As we enter the house, we deliberate on why we have chosen this text - why is it significant – why is it important for today?

As we walk slowly through the rooms, we begin to discover the reasons for which the text was written, the requirements demanded by the text and the results of embracing it.

And as we draw near to this exegetical journey, we ask ourselves how we can effectively deliver the truth that we have discovered.

In effect we have asked - So what? What? Now what?

It’s not a perfect model, but it may help you.

Why don’t you try it for yourself?


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