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Advent #5



In my last teaching tip, I described the advent tradition of lighting four coloured candles, which represent hope, peace, joy, and love, on the four consecutive Sundays leading up to Christmas. A fifth candle, the Christ candle, placed in the middle, is lit on Christmas Eve or Day.

I suggested that a tradition like this can create an opportunity for remembrance and reflection. So, this year, my wife and I started a new Christmas tradition of lighting advent candles, while reading a passage from Isaiah.

However, in order to make it personal, we have reordered and renamed the first four candles. The names we have given to the candles are birthed in a personal revelation of the God-given promises of Christmas. Of course, as soon as we did this, our grandchildren wanted to know the names of each candle and why we had chosen the specific colours.

I am not suggesting you follow our practice, but what I am suggesting is that you take time this season to reflect on what Christmas means to you.

What personal revelation do you have about the promises of God?

What family tradition can you initiate which will help you remember and reflect on the truths of advent and then perhaps start a conversation with your family and friends?


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