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The Twelve Powers of Christmas #1

Signs, Songs, and the Story

Signs, Songs, and the Story

As we approach Christmas, I have decided to do a short series about the power and potential of this season.

Although we don’t know exactly when Jesus Christ was born, and many people question how His birth should be celebrated, the Christmas season is a wonderful opportunity to point people to our Saviour.

Such is the ignorance of our society that at the nativity scene in our local shopping centre someone was heard to ask whether Moses was Mary’s husband.

But, although people may have little idea of the relevance of the ‘…little town of Bethlehem…’ or how their ‘…hopes and fears…’ can be met there, at least the nativity scene is present and the carols are playing.

Like the stars on the Christmas trees, they serve as a sign that Christmas is not about bargains and baubles, but about the greatest story ever told – the intervention of God into our broken world – – and the possibility of hope and wholeness.

Rather than complain about the crowds or criticize the commercialization of Christmas, why don’t we use these signs and songs to tell the Christmas story?

Have you encouraged a child to look for the signs?

Have you invited a neighbour to a Christmas Carol service?

Have you included Christ in your Christmas conversations? 


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