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Spiritual Direction #4



Several years ago, after a small throat operation, I was required to stop talking – for a month! As you can imagine, it was a challenge for me, and no doubt a blessing for others.

However, during my recovery, I spent some time in a monastery. The silence was a revelation. It became a pathway to my heart – and hence to God. It magnified the whisper of His Spirit.

In his book, ‘Finding Sanctuary’, Christopher Jamison wrote, “…where people today commonly have background music, monks have background silence…”

That silence, which I experienced in the monastery, is an essential spiritual discipline. A modern city life is accompanied by the constant hum of traffic, the buzz of crowds and an ever-present soundtrack of popular music.

In our efforts to drown out this background noise, we often add more noise - perhaps an educational podcast or some inspirational songs. But when we do this, we can also drown out the deep cries of our own heart or even the still small voice of God.

A regular time of silence, however, not only enables us to make a genuine appraisal of our heart condition, but it also helps us develop a renewed intimacy with God.

Do you only feel able to seek God if there is music playing?

Do you find silence uncomfortable, because of what it might reveal?

Do you make time for silence in this world of distractions?


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