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Spelling Out Preaching #13



There is an incident in the life of Philip which I have always appreciated. The Bible says, “…So he started out, and on his way, he met an Ethiopian eunuch…” (Acts 8:27).

I like it because it describes the decision at the beginning of a faith adventure. We simply need to start out.

But what is curious about the statement is that he had already started out – he was in the middle of his journey – he had already left Jerusalem.

Our spiritual pilgrimage is filled with these fresh starts – these new beginnings.

The Bible tells us that our life, “…winds upwards…” - like a road spiralling up a hill. As each circuit is completed, we return to almost the same place on the hill – but just a little higher.

That is what preaching is like. I have preached thousands of sermons and yet each one is new. I have to start the long process of sermon preparation all over again. I have to spell out preaching once more. Pray, read, experience, and so on.

The only difference is that I am slightly different. As Ralph Turnbull said, “…the sermon is the preacher up to date…”

Have you allowed your past experience to rob you of the spirit of future adventure?

Do you start each sermon with renewed enthusiasm?

Are you prepared to start out again?


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