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Spiritual Direction #7



The genealogy of Jesus Christ, documented in Matthew’s gospel, is a remarkable act of mercy.

Among the list of unlikely men are some equally unlikely women: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba. These four women, whose background stories should have excluded them from God’s people, have been included in God’s story.

The Bible records their stories in some detail, as if to emphasise the grace shown in their inclusion. But what does this have to do with our spiritual disciplines?

In his book, ‘Spiritual Direction’, Henri Nouwen suggests that we should all write out our story, “…without editing the vulnerability and brokenness…” and then tell that story to the world. He calls it. “…the discipline of witness…” As the Bible puts it, “…Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story…” (Psalm 107:2).

We live in a world that airbrushes photos, shares half-truths, and presents false images, but here the Bible tells us to make much of our redemption and so highlight the grace revealed in our rescue.

But first, of course, we need to tell our story to God, with all the deep repentance and intense gratitude that is required. Then we are free to share our story of brokenness and redemption with the world.

Have you written down your unedited story?

Have you had the courage to admit your failings?

Do you boast in the grace of your inclusion in God’s story?  


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