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Strength Additional Student Journal Pack

Strength Additional Student Journal Pack

  • 9 Sessions
  • English
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Student Journals & Registration Licenses Quantity
Student Journals Format

Includes: Student Journals and Student Registration Licenses.

Looking for Facilitator Handbook and License to run Strength course? Purchase Strength Curriculum Pack.

About Strength

Strength is a unique personal development and group mentoring tool that uses an inspirational, practical and experiential approach to learning. This program is founded upon the premise that every life counts and has intrinsic value, and fosters an awareness of this belief. As a result, women are equipped to become effective global citizens for the future.

Strength is an adaptable program used in various local settings to reach adolescent boys in their ‘middle years’ from Grade 7 to Grade 10. The program can be run in high schools, youth groups, youth centres, residential centres, community centres and juvenile detention centres.


The Strength Facilitator Handbook and Strength Journals are provided to help facilitate the running of the Strength program.

Although the content of the program is copyright protected it does NOT constitute, or contain legal, medical or other advice. Before running this program, you should obtain your own legal, insurance and other professional advice in the State, Territory or Country in which you intend to run the program.

This program is not intended to replace the provision of formal case management, counselling or support for participants requiring professional assistance or intervention.

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For each boy to develop an understanding of their personal identity, purpose and direction for their life.


Equip boys to:

  • Identify themselves as valuable with much to contribute.
  • Build confidence, self-awareness and courage.
  • Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Understand they are able to have a positive influence in their world.
  • Identify personal desires to motivate them to set and achieve personal goals.

These message objectives are achieved through three foundational concepts:
Significance, Resiliance & Courage.

Foundational Concepts

SIGNIFICANCE – Body and soul I am wonderfully made
The focus for these sessions is for each boy to understand for themselves that they are valuable, unique and one-of-a-kind. Personal identity is formed through embracing who you are and realising the potential within.

RESILIENCE – Choose life
These sessions explore the power of choice and the power that decisions have on shaping a person’s future. This is addressed through practical sessions exploring resilience, respect, emotions, decision-making, and problem-solving.

COURAGE – I have a hope and a future
Being courageous is examined through exploring personal hopes, dreams and desires, attitudes
towards relationships and risk-taking behaviours. Goal setting, group discussions, and practical activities are used to explore these topics.


The methodologies used include active participation and discussion forums. Therefore, such methods have been found to assist with social confidence, how to work with peers in a team or towards a goal, how to speak up for themselves and to learn how to express emotions in a healthy manner.

Methods to facilitate learning include:

  • Visual – videos, charts, whiteboards, notes
  • Auditory – discussions, interviews, music, personal stories, short teaching sessions, audios
  • Kinaesthetic – role plays, physical activity, small group work, whole group work

Interaction and contribution by participants promotes understanding and empowers people to move forward, using skills learnt within the group.

Key Outcomes

The boys have achieved learning and motivational outcomes that form the foundation of the ultimate goal – a greater level of understanding about their personal identity, purpose and direction for their life.

These outcomes include:

  • Developed holistic personal and problem-solving skills.
  • Improved confidence and understanding of intrinsic value.
  • Enhanced social support networks.
  • Increased self-awareness.

Strenght-Based Approach

Strength focuses on addressing the strengths and skills boys possess rather than their weaknesses or deficits. All people have strengths but many are unrecognised and unused by the individual. The strengths-based approach inspires boys to grow and change by using their strengths as a personal
resource. As people become engaged through experiential and interactive activities, boys can begin to discover their inner strength, skills, personal identity, and qualities.

Strength encourages boys to become the expert within their own life. They are the ones who can tap into their own potential and discover their personal identity and worth. Ultimately the process of discovering and understanding ‘the self’ always comes from within the boys’ own perspective. The facilitator is there to draw out the best from each young man and to be a guide in the process.


    Session 1: Leave your mark

    By the end of this session, each boy will be able to:

    • Gain an understanding of the purpose of the program.
    • Develop an awareness of personal value and identity.

    Session 2: No man is an island

    By the end of this session, each boy will be able to:

    • Explore the value of friendship.
    • Discover the benefits of teamwork.

    Session 3: Can’t touch this

    By the end of this session, each boy will be able to:

    • Recognise the value of developing resilience.

    Session 4: Too tough too get rough

    By the end of this session, each boy will be able to:

    • Identify healthy ways to display anger.
    • Explore and understand that he is created with feelings.

    Session 5: Power balance

    By the end of this session, each boy will be able to:

    • Recognise the value of developing resilience

    Session 6: Too traditional for today

    By the end of this session, each boy will be able to:

    • Develop understanding of a healthy relationship.
    • Explore how to treat females with respect and dignity.

    Session 7: Cause & effect

    By the end of this session, each boy will be able to:

    • Gain understanding of the difference between healthy and unhealthy risk-taking.
    • Identify consequences of healthy and unhealthy risk-taking.

    Session 8: The man for the dream

    By the end of this session, each boy will be able to:

    • Recognise the importance of goal setting to achieve a dream or goal.
    • Develop an understanding that he has something to contribute.

    Session 9: Live the adventure

    By the end of this session, each boy will be able to:

    • Describe what he has learnt from the program.
    • Participate in a team building activity.
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