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Spelling Out Preaching #10



So far in this series, I have spelled out ‘preaching’: P.R.E.A.C.H.I.N.G. – Pray; read; experience; assess; consider; handle; identify; note; gather.

Now, I want to continue by spelling out ‘tips’: T.I.P.S. The ‘T’ refers to test.

Once we have gathered all our research into a written sermon, we need to test it before it is delivered. Many preachers ignore this critical stage.

They move straight from the study to the pulpit. They assume they have heard from God, have unearthed the truth, and will connect with their audience.

This is a dangerous assumption. We shouldn’t mine for wisdom on our own; it’s dangerous - we need companionship.

Solo preachers who receive no challenging input or critical feedback, like unaccompanied explorers, can lose direction and get lost. We need spiritual directors who will help guide us, educated colleagues who will balance us, and honest friends who will keep us grounded.

These are the people with whom we should test our messages before and after we preach them. After all, it is only excellence which will glorify an excellent God.

Do you meet regularly with someone wiser than yourself?

Do you surround yourself with serious thinkers?

Do you visit members of your audience to listen to their stories and assess their needs?


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