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The Holy Spirit #6

The Holy Spirit & Intent

The Holy Spirit & Intent

Recently, when I asked a colleague what he was about to preach, he immediately replied, “I am talking about the purpose of teaching, which is our conformity to Christ” (Cf. Romans 8:29).

He knew both the purpose of his preaching and the goal his message.

Sadly, when I ask my students, “What are you trying to achieve in your message”, their responses are often less certain and more mundane.

I remind them, “If you don’t have a clear goal when you preach, a less important one will automatically take its place”.

So, what should our goal be? Or, more importantly, what is the intent of the Holy Spirit who is empowering us?

The Bible says that He has been sent to testify about Jesus Christ and enable us to do the same (John 15:26-27).

My colleague was right. Our aim is to glorify God through conformity to Christ (Ephesians 1:3-10).

So, what are we wanting to achieve when we preach?

Are we simply trying to make a difference?

Are we just adding value?

Are we only wanting to please our audience, or make their lives a little better?

Or do we share the Holy Spirit’s intent?

Are we testifying about the Lord Jesus Christ?


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