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Unpublished Appendix from 'Are You Getting This?' #12

The Maker of Mondays

The Maker of Mondays

I suspect that the reason why so many people dislike Mondays, is not just because it is the first day of the working week (for many of us, at least), but that it is the day we return to the repeated routines of our work.

On the weekend, we are usually free to act, we can choose our own adventure. But, on Mondays, we get up at the same time, travel the same route, meet the same people, and continue the same tasks.

However, everything changes when we have a revelation that God is the Maker of Mondays, that we are living for something beyond ourselves, and that we are working for a divine purpose.

With this new reality, our work becomes worship, our routines become life-giving, and our days become opportunities.

With God as our Source and Sustenance, there is nothing meaningless about the mundane. He adds the extra to the ordinary in our lives. He didn’t just make the world in a week; He makes everything new each week.

Have you retained a childlike sense of wonder?

Are you grateful for the small blessings which grace your life?

Do you approach each new week with the appropriate anticipation and expectation?

Do you like Mondays?


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