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The Paradox of Advent

The Paradox of Advent

In the traditional church calendar, we are currently celebrating advent – the four Sundays leading up to Christmas.

Many households, including ours, have an advent calendar – some have advent candles. They create a sense of anticipation as we count down the days. But there is a great deal more to advent than a calendar.

The word ‘advent’ comes from the Latin translation of the Greek word ‘Parousia’. Parousia means ‘presence’ or ‘arrival’ and often refers to the second coming of Christ (Cf. 1 Corinthians 15:23), but also refers to His first coming, the incarnation – hence the calendar.

However, there is a strange paradox associated with this season.

As we open each day of our advent calendar, we are anticipating an event which has already taken place. This is a wonderful picture of a believer’s hope.

We live between two advents – His first and second coming - between kingdom now but not yet.

We are expecting His arrival and yet already enjoying His Presence.

We are confident that what He has done, He will do again.

As you count down the days to Christmas, why don’t you do so with thankful anticipation, confident expectation, and faith-filled confession.


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