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Unpublished Appendix from 'Are You Getting This?' #10

The Watched Life

The Watched Life

I am an introvert by nature. I like reading on my own, and I find noisy parties draining. I understand Jesus’ desire to withdraw to solitary places after the press of the crowd. To be honest, I would prefer to avoid the crowds altogether. 

When I share my dislike of large gatherings, my objection to being in the limelight, or my preference for solace, people are surprised that I am a preacher.

But I point out that I didn’t ask to be in public ministry. God told me to do it. My calling is not based on my personal preferences, but on God’s eternal purpose.

As a result, I have to rely on God’s grace to enable me to be in the public eye and to live a watched life. Even after nearly fifty years of preaching, I still find it challenging to be the centre of attention as I stand at the pulpit. But my discomfort compels me to draw on God’s grace - for which I am immensely grateful.

If I loved the spotlight or wanted to be noticed, I think I would be tempted to take the credit for any gift I might possess or any good I might achieve.

As it is, I am constantly amazed that God uses me at all. What about you?

Why do you do what you do?

Do you rely on your own personality or strengths – or do you draw on God’s grace and live for His purpose?


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