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Thoughts on Thinking #8

Unity of Mind

Unity of Mind

We all know that the mind is a battleground. But, if we are going to win this mental fight, we need to know some basic principles of war.

In his book, ‘A History of the English-Speaking Peoples’, Winston Churchill describes three maxims of warfare: ‘Concentrate your force’; ‘seek out and destroy your enemy’; and ‘maintain your objective’.

The first maxim is about unity, the second about offence, and the third about defence.

Each maxim gives us a key to victory, but it is the first, ‘concentrate your force’, which is critical.

Jesus made it clear that, “…a house divided against itself will fall…” (Luke 11:17).

The same is true of our thinking. James taught that people filled with doubt become “…double-minded…" (James 1:8), and because they are of two minds, their prayers are hindered.

No wonder the enemy uses doubt as a weapon. It poisons our thinking (Acts 14:2) and disempowers our lives.

Single-mindedness is not just a characteristic of a resolute person; it should be the quality of every believer.

How are you bolstering your faith each day?

Do you treat doubt with the same caution as weed killer?

What are you doing to guard your soul against double-mindedness?


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