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Our Legacy #4

We Pass On What We Achieve

We Pass On What We Achieve

In this series, I have been looking at the significance of passing on what we have to the next generation. Our legacy depends on how we do this.

So far, I have suggested that we pass on what we speak, write, and carry, as demonstrated by three generations of my family: Edward, Aaron, and Daniel Gavey. Now I want to talk about Daniel’s son, George Edward Gavey, my great, great grandfather.

He was a successful and much travelled engineer. I have his passport and also his love of travelling. He built bridges, viaducts, and railway stations around the world. My journeys, and the journeys of many others, have been influenced by what he built.

We pass on what we achieve. For example, Paul the apostle’s choice to follow his divine calling, preach the gospel to the Gentiles, and plant churches in Europe, have directly impacted my own story.

My conversion is a part of the legacy of Paul’s achievements.

Our choice to learn a language, write a book, or carry a grudge can affect the way our descendants live.

Which of your ancestors’ choices have affected you the most?

When you make significant choices, do you consider how they might affect your children’s children?

Which of your achievements will have an eternal legacy?


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