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Our Legacy #2

We Pass On What We Write

We Pass On What We Write

God is a generational God, and we are generational people.

Our natural and spiritual legacy is dependent on how effective we are in passing on the entrustment we have received from the previous generation. In this series, I am illustrating this from my own family.

For example, my four greats grandfather, Aaron Gavey, wrote numerous letters and, many generations later, I still possess what he wrote. We pass on what we write.

It is no coincidence that prophets were required to write their revelations (Cf. Habakkuk 2:2), and Israel was required to write their creed on the door posts of their home (Cf. Deuteronomy 6:9). It was their way of ensuring that their descendants heeded God’s word.

There is something enduring about writing something down. In a digital age, where little of our social history is permanently recorded, I suspect that some of our legacy will be lost. 

Do we keep the letters we have received?

Are we careful to write what we believe in a durable way?

Have we written down our redemptive stories for our descendants to read after we are gone?


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