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Unpublished Appendix from 'Are You Getting This?' #1

What Are You Passing On?

What Are You Passing On?

I attended a boarding school in England between the ages of seven and eighteen. It was, without doubt, the toughest decade of my life.

I was separated from my family, had few friends, and didn’t do well academically.

However, in retrospect, the experience gave me a gift which has proved invaluable – the gift of survival. It is a gift which I believe would benefit this generation, and one that I am keen to impart.

Recently, when I was enjoying a meal with my grandchildren, they asked, “Tell us another story about your school”. Of course, I was happy to oblige.

Tables are an excellent forum for storytelling. Passing on information, wisdom, gifts, and lessons learned are foundational to life. Stories are designed for such occasions. They are God-given vehicles for the dissemination of truth.

It could be argued that without the sharing of life-affirming stories our culture has a bleak future.

What words are you passing on for future generations?

What gifts do you possess with which others could be graced?

What stories can you share which will help this generation?


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