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Divine Questions #6

What do you see?

What do you see?

As both a visual learner and a scientist, the question, ‘what do you see’, appeals to me. It sums up my desire for learning and my passion for teaching.

As a child, I was encouraged to use my observational skills to discover the truth and now, as an adult, I encourage others to do the same.

God asked this question seven times, to three separate prophets, Jeremiah, Amos, and Zechariah. As seers, prophets are required to see what God is doing, so the question seems unnecessary.

However, as I have already noted in this series, when God asks questions, it encourages us to think, speak and act, or to put it another way, to reflect, restate, and respond.

This is highlighted when God gave Jeremiah a vision of an almond tree, and then asked him, “What do you see”? (Jeremiah 1:11).

God wanted him to think about the meaning of the vision, speak the words of God, and live in such a way that would challenge the people of God. God wanted Jeremiah, like Moses and Joshua before him, to think like Him, speak for Him and act with Him (Cf. Exodus 4:2; Joshua 1:8). This is what God wants for each of us.

So, what about you, what do you see?

Have you seen God the Restorer at work?

Do you see signs of hope?

Can you see how God could use you to restore broken things?  


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