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Divine Questions #14

Why did you doubt?

Why did you doubt?

We all know the theory, don’t we? Faith is created by the spoken word of God, so when God speaks, we should believe. As Paul wrote, “…faith comes from hearing the message…” (Romans 10:17).

It sounds easy, but sometimes it seems hard. For example, when Jesus walked on the water, Peter wanted to join Him. After Jesus said “come”, Peter climbed out of the boat and walked on water. One word gave Peter the faith to do the impossible. However, he then looked at the waves and began to sink.

Jesus rebuked him for his lack of faith, and asks, “…Why did you doubt…?" (Matthew 14:31). I don’t know how Peter felt at that point, but if I were him, I may have pointed out that I was the only disciple to walk on water.

Nonetheless, it begs the question, why did Peter doubt, or more to the point, why do we doubt?

It seems that doubt is deeply imbedded in our flawed human condition. We have a propensity to trust what we see and distrust what we can’t; to have confidence in what we know but uncertain about what we don’t; to believe the temporal yet doubt the eternal. We also forget we are in a spiritual conflict where doubt is weaponized.

So, do we repent of our lack of faith?

Do we fix our eyes on the unseen?

Do we confess God’s word?

Do we put out into ‘deep water’?

Do we trust God despite the circumstances?


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