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Divine Questions #1

Why does God ask questions?

Why does God ask questions?

As both a parent and a teacher, I have always encouraged my children, and my students, to ask questions.

In my view, questions foster humility and curiosity, two of the keys to learning. Questions admit our lack of knowledge and recognize our need of it. A good student asks good questions.

So, why does an all-knowing God ask questions of us? Why did God’s conversation with humanity in the Garden of Eden consist of a series of questions to which He already knew the answer? Why did God answer Job’s questions by asking more questions? Why did Jesus Christ ask over two hundred different questions in the Gospels?

Perhaps, the easiest way to approach this topic is to ask ourselves why we ask questions of each other. There are many reasons, including to develop relationships, but here are three others: To help us think; to encourage us to speak; to challenge us to act.

Imagine, for instance, a conversation between a couple: “May I ask you something”? (Please think about what I am about to say); “Do you love me”?(Please say you agree with me); “Will you marry me”? (Please respond positively).

Perhaps this is why God asks questions: To help us think, speak, and act appropriately.

In this new series, I am going to use this idea to help us engage with some of my favourite divine questions.

Which of God’s numerous questions have most impacted you?


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