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The Twelve Powers of Christmas #3

Calendars, Customs, and Conviction

Calendars, Customs, and Conviction

In this series of thoughts, I am looking at the potential of the Christmas season to point people to our Saviour.

So far, I have mentioned six Christmas characteristics which we can use to communicate Christ to the world. These include Christmas carols, Christmas lights – even Christmas cards. But here are some more.

Every year we put up an advent calendar in our house, which only the grandchildren open. Each opened door is an opportunity to communicate expectation and hope. Calendars aren’t just a record of the passing of time but a reminder of the significance of times and seasons.

We also place several nativity scenes around our house – some to look at – some to play with. Every visitor comments on them, whether they agree with them or not. Christmas traditions shouldn’t just be mindless exercises but ones that exercise the mind.

Our household customs are birthed in a conviction that an event so wonderful must be celebrated – ‘…the night when Christ was born…’

Is your calendar just a chart – or a catechism?

Do you have purposeful family customs?

Do the people in your street know your convictions about Christmas?


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